Brandon Harris

Simple Sinatra ActiveRecord App with Migrations

I make a lot of stuff using Ruby on Rails, so why bother with Sinatra? Well, its fast, has a very small footprint, and it’s fun. I decided to build a simple posting app as a test for Sinatra. My example doesn’t do much, but it was fun to learn about all the little parts of Rails that I take for granted everyday. The first thing I did was start with the hello world example.

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I have been dabbling in the freelance world, and have created a simple portfolio listing on this site. Take a look if you are interested to see some of the work that I have been doing in my “free time”.

Active Scaffold with Paperclip

I always recommend Active Scaffold to fellow Rails developers. There is a learning curve, but it can cut a lot of development time out of your clients custom CMS. Paperclip has pretty much dominated the Rails attachment market for the past year. My company has migrated to it, and there are countless tutorials and testimonials regarding it’s ease of use. I am assuming that you are using the latest version of Rails (2.

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