Brandon Harris

Painless Upgrade to Bundler and Bamboo Stack

I just upgraded this site to use bundler and the heroku Bamboo stack. The steps were: 1. Remove the .gems file, and create a Gemfile. 2. Patch the Rails 2.3 installation for bundler 3. Run heroku command: heroku stack:migrate bamboo-ree-1.8.7 4.Run command: bundle install 5. Commit all changes to git, and push to heroku. I am really impressed with the ease at which this was done. Heroku continues to impress, and Bundler is the best thing to happen to Ruby since Rails.

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Heroku Gem Gone After Push

I recently deployed to heroku and was greeted with the dreaded “App Crashed” dialogue. In this particular case it was for a higher traffic production site, so I was frantic to fix it. A quick heroku logs showed that the memcache gem was missing. I scratched my head a little bit and did a quick git log on the .gem file. It hadn’t changed in months. Time was ticking, so I looked up the current version that I needed for the environment and I added it in.

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Oracle, Rails and Ubuntu 10.04

I recently setup an Ubuntu based server that needed ruby to talk to oracle and mysql. If you are a rails developer, you should be familiar with mysql, but what about Oracle? It isn’t quite as straightforward as you might assume, but it is within the grasp of mere mortals. Please keep in mind that due to changing version numbers, all version numbers are replaced with *. It is up to the reader to properly translate the following commands.

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