Brandon Harris

Interviewing As a Developer Today

It's been several years since I've had to go through the full interviewing process. The technical interviewing process has been changing slightly over the years. There have been a few additions that have increased the time committment considerably. This is my take away from a dozen different interviews that I recently experienced. Getting Started It's tricky to interview for a job while you have a current job. On any given day I could be pulled into important meetings, have to deal with a fire drill, or stumble with coming up with another excuse to be absent for a mysterious period of time.

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Automating Hugo Builds to an S3 Hosted Bucket

I recently migrated this site to use Hugo instead of Jekyll. I was considering Middleman or simply updating the base version of Jekyll. However, there are a few reasons why I chose Hugo: I wanted to evaluate Hugo I want more exposure to the Go language This is where I can experiment It's crazy fast I have previously built dozens of tiny sites using Middleman, so it was the first thing I reached for in my toolbox.

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Active Record Is Not Null In Where Clause

I had a difficult time finding out how to do this the way I wanted. Let's say you want to do a check for a value not being null along with other logic, say an IN clause. You're led down a path of forumulating a string that gets hairy ids = [1,2,3] SomeRecord.where("some_column is not null and id in (#{ids.join(','})") That's kind of gross. I've done it, and I've seen it done.

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