Brandon Harris

Populate Object Instance Variables From Hash

I recently needed to write a class in ruby that I wanted to behave similarly to an ActiveRecord based class, but without the database ties. Particularly, I wanted to do this: r ={:attribute1 = "a", :attribute2 = "b"}) It’s not too hard to hard code a simple class with attributes that are defined by a Hash, but in the pursuit of elegance, I wanted it to be more generic.

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Haxe - An Interesting Path To Open Source Flash Programming

I have my reservations about learning flash. It is proprietary, bloated, and doesn’t work very well on linux 64bit. However, there are a lot of rich web applications that need to be flash based. Youtube anyone? I landed on haxe. I was slightly turned off by the fact that haxe can compile to javascript, flash, or Neko (which I am not familiar with). However, what turned my on was that haxe compiled to swf is apparently faster than AS3 compiled swf’s.

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MyBrutes - Hacking

You can’t hack your brutes for more experience, stats, weapons etc. All of the videos online are simply ploys to get you to sign up under the posters brute so they gain experience. It is a pyramid scheme if you will. If you don’t know what I am talking about, try it out by fighting my brute: It is a fun little game where you watch your character battle other characters.

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