Brandon Harris

BlipTV API In Ruby

I recently needed to do some work for a client to integrate their site with blip. The blip tv wiki points ruby developers to a decent project. However, my needs were a lot more intricate than what the current gem covers. I forked the project and added in the functionality that I needed (as is the case for most open source needs). Along the way, I found out that bliptv has a json api.

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Why aren't you using Active Scaffold?

I do a lot of work creating admin interfaces in rails. A lot of it is redundant, so it would be nice to use a canned solution. Django has an admin interface built into every project. This makes a developers life easier. I thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a plugin that read all my table associations and provided a simple crud interface?” That is exactly what Active Scaffold tries to be.

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Flash on Linux 64 bit (Jaunty Jackalope)

For me, Flash support has been an achilles heel on my 64 bit install. I don’t want to use wrapper and work arounds. I also think that if I have a 64 bit processor, I should be using it. I found this little nugget which works very well for me. Flash drops out very rarely, previously it would work after 3 refreshes. I sincerely hope that the next Adobe Flash update provides proper support to us linux users.