Brandon Harris

Create Git Patch From Commits

This is another of those excruciatingly easy tasks that isn’t well documented. git format-patch sha1..sha2 Where sha1 is the older commit and sha2 is the newer commit. This will create patches for each modified file between those commits.

Viewing Gem Rdoc

This is painfully obvious if you actually read about the tools that you use. I couldn’t find anything on my first couple of google searches, so hopefully this can fill in that gap: gem server Your gem server will probably start on port 8808, so go to localhost:8808 and you will see a list of your installed gems. From here on, you probably know what to do.

Dell Studio 15 "White Screen of Death" Karmic Koala Workaround

It’s a horrible feeling to watch your system die after an upgrade. You may have experienced this problem before. Fear not, there is a workaround, and you will be back into your computer in no time. Just follow these directions, they may appear slightly more advanced than what you might be used to, but this can be fixed. Add “nomodeset” to the boot options in grub. Use vim (or nano, or whatever you like to use) to edit the boot options.

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