Watch E Text Editor on Linux

Now that e – text editor has been opened up, I am anxious to see it running on linux. It looks like there is some activity on github. I cloned it myself and will be tinkering with it.

A lot of people will say, “Who needs another editor? Use Vim or Emacs.” I personally prefer the cramped finger inducing keystrokes of Emacs, but I am always willing to play around in another editor. I found TextMate to have a very fluid feeling that a lot of editors seem to be missing, the drawback is that I am not willing to pay Apple premiums so I can run TextMate. Macs are great, but I am far too frugal to spend the money on one. I am also irritated by The TextMate developers approach to their precious editor. I can understand the Mac-only rationality from a small business perspective, but their entire approach reeks of Apple fanboyism. I am willing to wager that a lot of linux developers would pay for TextMate, I know that I would. Alas, I am resolved to search for alternatives.

I spent some time using Gedit, which can be setup to be TextMate-like. I liked that environment, but I was instinctively pulled back to emacs. Muscle memory is a terrible beast to overcome.

My hopes are high for e. At the very least it is nice to watch the simple editor world evolve. Now I am off to play with the e source code.